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Welcome to

Color Ray Frequencies 

Where the Magical frequencies of Light, Colors and Healing meet.

All (healing) energy comes from Source.

It flows through us all and this makes that we live. Because we all hold this energy I believe that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, but we sometimes need a little help from others who are already more aware, aligned or just have more experiences than you and are more consciously aware of this energy flow within us. We all come from this Source, all is one, there is nothing other than this, I believe that we all hold unique and different frequencies and that is why are, although we are one in our deepest essence, we are all also very different; that is our human experience, this is our personality and that makes us who we are in this lifetime. 


We have free choice, and we are free to pick and choose the things we like, we love, we want. This makes that we all hold these different aspects or frequencies, and everyone resonates with different kind of things and people. We have personal preferences.


And like there are many different kinds of people, there are also different kinds of healing, so everyone has the opportunity to connect with a type of healing, healer or spiritual practice, that feels good for you, that resonates with you. 


For me, as an (face and body paint) artist, I discovered that creating is very healing. It brought me back the memory of being in a easy-flowing-and-going state of being.

This helped to find the way back to and remember who I AM (read my more here). 


My main focus is bringing healing combined with colors and creating art. I feel a deep connection to the divine light (color) rays and their beautiful frequencies. They are so very powerful. The combination with art really brings forth an even stronger connection because you are actually using the frequencies as the colors in the physical aspect as well. It gives such an extra value and healing aspect to it, whether it is on the skin or from a distant on a canvas. 


If my way of healing resonates with you, and you would like to know more I am always open to set up a free 30-min Zoom call and answer your questions and/or see how this way of healing will help you.

Services I offer


Reiki & Healing

I offer Intuitive Reiki healing, a combination of the traditional Reiki and Intuitive healing from Source.

Color RayFrequency


An amazing and unique way to give and receive healing; Intuitive healing using colors on the body or on a canvas.

Programs, Meditations

and more.

Here you will find all you need to know about the 1:1 programs, group programs and (free) monthly recurring activities (calendar).

With Love,

Monique Lily.

All my beautiful work in one place. Pics of healing sessions and my all I offer  for sale:  artwork, posters, post cards, card deck and journals

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