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Created with Love by Monique Lily

<img src="energeticartchakra.png" alt="Acrylic on canvas made for beautiful spiritual room this energetic art is full of  beautiful love and  light energy">

I AM chart

A5 Card with degree on back

I AM Presence Chart

There is much to say and explain about The I AM Presence. You will find lots of information in books or on the internet, as you will also see different versions of The I AM Presence chart.

Let me share with you how it feels to me, as this is my truth at this time. 

The I AM presence (God in action) within me (and you!) is God's aspect within me. It is who I AM.  It is the drop from the Infinite Divine ocean of Unconditional Love, Unending Wisdom and Invincible strength. This drop, holds everything the ocean holds, and it is everything the ocean is. This drop is not a copy or a replica. It is the exact same.  You are this drop and you are the same as the I AM. I AM is within me, within you, within all there is.  There is only one.  You are one with this Love, Wisdom and Strength, Always! 

You are whole, complete and one.  

For me, acknowledging this daily,  by meditating, using the healing power of the spoken word; using I AM prayers/decrees/affirmations, reading and learning and being very present and aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions has changed my life!  It has brought more love, peace, and joy into my life and it has helped me to overcome seemingly fear and stopped me from being  judgmental and a victim to my self,  my experiences and surroundings. 

 Because I invited the I AM Presence back into this life, in every moment, I was able to step back and view from a different perspective. I was able to see through the eyes of love and I would love for everyone to experience this, and to consciously be this. 


Everything has a certain frequency and what is appealing to one person is not so attracted to an other, and this is fine. I therefore know that is why I was able to create this version of the

I AM Presence chart, and to share it with the world. 

 I feel it is a wonderful addition to all the beautiful versions that already exist. Just a little different, like that drop from the ocean, just like each and every one of us has a different personality', and a different frequency, and so does this chart! 

We are One, but we have different preferences.  We look different on the outside, we experience things differently,  and that is beautiful!  All is perfect just as it is.

  Feel what resonates with you,  and do you,  for you. 

I know I am here to create and inspire and that is what this chart is; 

an inspiration and conformation that it is ok to be different.  

Embrace all you are! Embrace it in a way  that is good for you! 


While I was drawing this, I got a beautiful message. A prayer (decree/affirmation) to go with it and 

I printed it on the back of each card.

Enjoy its beautiful energy.

With Love, Monique Lily

How to use the chart 

You can use the chart how ever it feels good for you. You can place it somewhere so you will look at it all day, as a constant reminder of who you are and you can use it during meditation, or to set the energy for the day or every moment.  Do what feels good for you! 

What do you 'see' on the chart?

Again, how it makes you feel is the most important. Trust the feeling as it is your inner knowing. Feel and look with your feeling instead of trying to understand or explain.  If you would like to understand more, here is a very small explanation. There is much to find, learn and discover. Trust your  inner voice and pace yourself.  (I will share some links below for more info).

This is a reflection of who you are!  All you see here is you.  

There is only one! You are all of this. 

 The figure at the bottom is who you are in this live, the human aspect of the I AM, your human self, with The Threefold flame in his heart; 

this flame represents; 

Divine Power, (blue, The Father), Divine Wisdom (Yellow, The Son), and Divine Love (Pink, The Holy Spirit).  It is surrounded by The Violet Flame. This consuming flame can instantly transmute energy, dissolve karma. 

The upper figure, the descending dove, and the middle figure are representing: 

Your I AM Presence,  The Holy Spirit, and your Christ Self (Higher Self).

The I AM presence is surrounded by colored rings that represent the Seven Holy Color Rays of the Ascendent Masters,  Angels and Arch Angels and so much more! You see the earth, the land, the water,  and energy flowing everywhere. You are all of  this.  All is one. 

Just breath and be. 

Using the decrees: 

Sit still, slow down your breathing, your body, your thoughts

Sit still, and focus on your heart chakra (centre of your chest) as you breath slowly through your nose to your belly. 

When you feel calm and at ease, look at the chart, and keep breathing slowly.  When you find your mind wondering off bring back your attention to your heart. 

Say out loud, with love and determination,  the words of the degree, 

and repeat 3 times or better. 

Again, this is jus a guideline,  trust your intuition, it knows what to do. 


Order your I AM chart here:

I AM poster

40 x 60 cm

Beautiful quality poster of The I AM Presence. 30 x 60cm. 

Price Per poster:

€ 18,99  plus postal   

I AM large Card


Strong A5 / Junior Legal size I AM presence chart card. 

On the back you will find 2 decrees.

Price Per card:

€ 3.33 plus postal   

I AM small card

pocket size

Pocket size / business I AM presence card. 

On the back you will find 2 decrees.

Price Per 3 cards:

€ 3.33 plus postal   

Download your guided meditation here! 

- If you like to order in bulk, to resell, please sent us a message for the special prize.

-if you would like to order a different size or objects, please contact us about the possibilities. We deliver these on cups, canvasses, stickers and more!  

When you like to learn/know more about the I AM Presence, using healing prayers and degrees you might find this helpful; Books and teaching from: (English)  Susan Shumsky, (ENG) Summit Light House (ENG),   Summit Light house (NL) Amethist Press, I AM academy (NL) 

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