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Nice to meet you.

Hi! My name is Monique Lily,

I AM an Intuitive Artist and energy Healer.

I was born in Amsterdam, where I still live, and I have two beautiful children.

I love creating, making art and traveling the world teaching (and learning!).

I love to meditate in nature, meet like-minded people and share:

my art, my experiences,

and the unique gifts I was given to bring forth this lifetime.

<img src="meditatingnewmexico.png" alt="monique lily meditating beautiful new mexico be still and listen be centred be at peace">

Meditating in the land of enchantment; New Mexico, USA

Self painting, healing

from one of the beautiful session in the online group program

Even as a young  girl I loved to create, as I grew up I just didn't anymore. 

Now, years later,  that makes so much sense to me.

I was so 'lost', so not in touch with  my Self. I was mostly doing what I thought I had to do and what was expected from me. I wasn't unhappy, but I wasn't happy either, I always felt something was missing, but I didn't know what that something was.

I suffered from terrible migraines and daily headaches since I was 4 years old, tried everything and I think I tested every medicine that was availible, It was an awful time, but I also learned a lot from it, as strange as it may seem, not at that time though.  

I was 23 when had a burnout!  I couldn't do anything anymore,I experienced so stress and anxiety, like I was trapped in my mind and body, I was numbed.

I have seen (to) so many physical therapists, doctors, psychologists, coaches and did a everything to 'be better'.  Looking back I can see the patern of it helping a little and then it would hit me even harder. Untill I started to turn inside, meditate and building a daily practise with Intuitive healing myself and I AM degreees and prayers. 


 Now.... All is great. I feel good. All is gone! Like it never existed! 

Isn't that amazing! Feeling so grateful for this every day. 

I am now able to look back at these experiences and see them for what they truly were: Signals and teachers to find the way back to mySelf. 

Today I AM :  

Fully aware and present: Full of love and light and no Dis-eases!

Focussing on what I want instead of what I don't want.  Knowing what I need.

For me the first big shift happened when I first learned how to face paint. I remember that feeling after that first class. I felt so happy and free, like I opened up something I was forgotten. This is already more than 10 years ago! Face & Body art/makeup has been my job ever since, and it has been an amazing journey of learning, expanding, traveling and teaching.

An other huge shift was when I divorsed my husband that I was with since I was 16 years old. He was a wonderful husband and amazing dad but I was unhappy for so long, I wasn't able to love myself let alone someone else. Even though that was the a difficult disicion I feel this was the first real step in 'stepping up for myself' and I am very grateful to myself for being so brave.

I think it was in the summer of 2018 that I started to consciously open more and more to Divinity. I also felt the need to paint more by my self, also on canvasses. I have painted so much that summer. During these paintings I experienced so much! it was a rollercoaster:

I cried, was frustrated, mad, happy, let go, embraced it all and learned so much about myself and who I truly AM.

I found a place within me that brought me peace and taught me Self Love and that everything is good, just as it is. Including me! That was another big shift on my path to Self remembrance.

The next thing I know I was drawn to crystals and 'talking with my dad who had dead several years ago.' I thought I was going crazy, but at the same time I knew I wasn't.

I started seeing Marianne, Aandacht aan  on a regular base to receive healing and learning so much about spirituality. I have done Reiki 1 & 2 with Marieke, Crone Spirit, intuitive healing with Anna, Soulmate Consulting, I have done several amazing sessions, journeys and programs with Bethan, Your deep nature and at this moment I am following the online year training from I am Academy after doing two of their 3-month trainings last year and also learning all about the Akasha Records with Shelley.

I AM also a 'Keeper of the flame' with the Summit Light House as I find a deep connection with all the I AM teaching and the teachings of the Ascendant Masters and the beautiful flames.

Now I feel every day is a gift, connecting to the I AM presence within me; who guides me and preparing my path. Every day I am grateful for all I AM and all I experience.

I know I still have a lot to discover, remember, learn, see, understand  and let go, but I know and trust that all will come in divine order and timing. No worries!

Looking back, I know that all I have experienced and learned has led me to here for a reason. It just has to be.

I so love being able to combine my (body) Art with intuitive healing. Working with the amazing Divine Rays and their frequencies, feeling their energy flow through me while  I am painting and creating  has brought so much healing to myself and others already. I know that these are my unique gifts to work with and share with the world to create more love and light for all. 

I AM so grateful to understand this now and to be able to fully embrace all that I am

and be a true messenger and bringer of love and light.

For me this means everything and is a huge honor to do so. 

As it is also my honer to be part of the journey of so many beautiful people already with my 1:1 sessions and group programs! Finding their way back to love and light within them and to their amazing feminine creativity! I love it all so much and I would love to help you find your way back to the light or more in to the light.... or....

Whatever it is you seek.

Do you want to feel whole and complete?

Want to find out what it is you have been searching for all this time?

 What is holding you back to fully embrace yourself and your unique gifts? 

You want te create more freely? Let go of fears? Create more time for you?

Let me be of service and let me help you find the way back to your true Self with the amazing Color Ray frequencies.

The I AM presence within you. It is just waiting to be seen again. 

Find more info about all my services here

Let me know if you have any questions about any of my healing session and (group) programs. I would love to schedule in a 30-min free tune in call with you and get started, just sent me a message.

Sending you lots of love and light. 

Monique Lily

Contact me if you have questions or want to book a session

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