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Monique Lily's Blog

I love to journal. It feels so expansive and it is a great way to rember beautiful experiences. I am sharing some of these journeys, stories and experiences  here with you.

A special drawing...

July, 20th, 2022

.......When I felt it was finished, and took a step back, I could see her journey, her love, her loved ones and yes, also little Hamza. I see that he is surrounded by beautiful energies who are nurturing him with so much love and light, and is forever connected to his family here. Olga is the radiant center and keeps everything she loves together because she is love.....Read more here.

August, 18, 2021

......As I started to walk into this space, I noticed and felt that is was so quiet, Like I was walking into a sealed of area. There was no wind, no noise. It was just so peaceful and quiet, and I could feel that energy of ease and peace filling up my space and entire being....Read more here.

June, 2020

..... I love sharing.. So here I am going to share my experiences, things I have been doing, planning to do, books I read and fill the world with my light, my love and make the world a lighter & brighter place... Read more here.

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