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Created with Love by Monique Lily

 Doodle from within Post Cards 

<img src="energeticartchakra.png" alt="Acrylic on canvas made for beautiful spiritual room this energetic art is full of  beautiful love and  light energy">

Doodle from within post card

Set of 5 beautiful postcards

I just love to doodle! Doodling is a great way to ease your thoughts and just be in the moment. 

Drawing without any expectations of the outcome, this is actually how I always create, I just let that creative energy flow through me on the paper, canvas or body. 

I doodle every day, even if it is just on a small piece of paper, it doesn't have to take long.  It is not about the outcome but all about the process of creating for me. 

Very healing and meditative. 

I used 5 of my latest doodles on these post cards and I just love the energy!

A wonderful gift to send to surprise your friends and family! Beautiful to have in your sacred space, to meditate with, or to frame just because it is beautiful. 🥰

They are all black and white, so you could even color them What ever makes you happy!

The set of 5 postcards is €12,- (plus postal)

PM me for more info! 🙏 

The set of 5 postcards is €12,- *

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