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Start September 2022

Do you love to create? 

Are you longing to connect with like-minded creative souls, from Would you like to connect to your Self more? 

Would you like to create from the heart?

Would you love to create more freely, intuitively?

Would you love to make time to meditate?

Would you like to (re)connect to your true Self, your higher self, more?

Then I have something for you! Let's build a wonderful field of love, healing, and creative energy all over the world by showing up for yourself and allow yourself some 'you' time once a month and create from the heart, to create freely whatever you like! 

You can draw, scratch, paint (on canvas or skin), write, do digital art.. Or better! It is all bout you! 

Dedicate yourself to giving what your creative soul needs. 

Each month we will work with a theme. 

Each month you will receive info about this theme, quotes, affirmations and tools to work with this theme

Each month you will receive (at least) 1 meditation/visualization where you receive healing, and you can create from this energy.

What can you expect in this year memebership:

  • You will receive some beautiful tools to connect to your divinity and the amazing feminine create energy within you.
  • Each month we work with a theme, for instance: inner child, mother nature, ancestral energy and more
  • You will receive affirmations and prayers to help you with this theme
  • Every 2nd Sunday of the Month I will either release a recorded meditation or there will be a live zoom (you will always get a copy in your mailbox)
  • You will be receiving information about the theme; this could be a live or pre recorded (master) class, or a presentation. 
  • All the info will be send to you by mail, for you to download and save it.
You will be meeting, connecting and creating with people from all over the world, from the comfort of your home, in a private FB group, where you will be free to share your art and experiences and you'll be carried in love by like-minded people. A big advantage of being in a facebook group is that you can write in your own language - FB will translate it! 

What will this membership do for you?

You are making time for your Self. You will be giving yourself permission, at least one time a month to connect to that part of you that love to create freely!  It is a gift for you, only you. 

  • By giving yourself time each month to consciously create from within 
  • You will be more at ease, feel free and confident in your art and in your daily life.
  • You will be more loving, towards your self, and others
  • You will recognize when you are connected to the heart and when not (so you can change it!)
  • You will find your power back and choose you! Self-love, Self care (this is not selfish! We need to love ourselves first before we can truly love another)
  • You will experience the oneness and completeness that you are. 
  • You will know that you are in charge. You always have a choice.
  • When you open your heart and make an inner decision to life from the heart. You will no longer be a victim of circumstance.
  • You will have more self-confidence.

Just let go! Let go and let your inner creative flow show you the way... it is unending, limitless, without restrictions, everything is possible! 

This journey is all about you and creating your heARTs desire! 

  It is not about what you create, but the state you are in when you create.  It is a Self loving journey! 

It is about letting go and trusting, following your inner voice, and allow more confidence, freedom, love, joy and happiness in your life!


These are some beautiful pieces of art that were created during intuitive meditative healing sessions 

Choose which option is good for you! 

Inner Create Circle 

12 month membership 


join before August, 18 and pay


For everyone who participated in my programs and book before July, 14th  you now pay:



*all prices are in Euro's

Start your journey now and receive these bonuses during the program:
a year long 11% discount on all services - including programs! (not art) 

Free access to all other jams and meditation throughout the year. 

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