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Created with Love by Monique Lily

Mother Nature Post Cards

<img src="energeticartchakra.png" alt="Acrylic on canvas made for beautiful spiritual room this energetic art is full of  beautiful love and  light energy">

Gifts from Mother Earth

Set of 10 beautiful postcards

Gifts from Mother Earth

How I love the beautiful energy of Mother Earth. I love all aspects of her and the beautiful thing is it is all around us. I love to take long walks and connect to all the beauty she so abundantly provides for us to enjoy. 

I Love to take pictures of all I see everywhere I go. I love to look at them later and maybe see or feel other things I didn't notice before, and I love to share them with friends on social media. 

There are so many hidden treasures to discover. 

As I was working on my card deck I heard a whispering to do something with all these amazing gifts from Mother Earth, I collected from so may beautiful places all over the world. So here they are! An amazing set of 10 postcards for you to send to friend and family or to keep and place it in your sacred space or to meditate with and feel the amazing energy in each card. These cards help me to connect to the loving energy of the highest frequencies that Mother Earth holds. I feel a strong connection in some cards with the elemental energy, ancestors and energies from other magics earthly roams.

The set of 10 postcards is €22 *

*from each sold set I will donate €4 to the World Wildlife Fund

Gifts from Mother Earth.

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