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I love to journal. It feels so expansive and it is a great way to rember beautiful divine experiences. I am sharing some of these journeys, stories and experiences  here with you.

August, 18th 2021

Morning Walk, Deep Nature Connection

For me the most wonderful way to start the day is to meditate and walk -connect- with nature. I take my time with this daily morning routine, I will get up extra early to do so because I know it will help me during the rest of the day,to keep me centered and grounded.

I recently started Bethan Carr’s beautiful year program: Wild Earth Seer / Deep Nature practitioner and since then I have been more consciously aware and connecting to nature, and  I get all kinds of beautiful insights and messages during my morning walks as well.

This morning I decided to let Bethan guide me, listing to a recorded audio as I start my walk. It was so beautiful, I’d like to share my experiences with you.

Before I walked into this beautiful wild space, I took a moment to slow down and to ground myself in spirit and to the beautiful space I was going to enter. I immediately felt so expansive and connected to the highest vibrational energy of this beautiful space.

As I felt I was allowed in, I started to walk into this space, I noticed and felt that is was so quiet, Like I was walking into a sealed of area. There was no wind, no noise. It was just so peaceful and quiet, and I could feel that energy of ease and peace filling up my entire being.

Everything looked so much vibrant. The different shades of green of different trees and bushes where so bright, it felt like I could see so much more clear, I could see the tiniest little insects in front of me, showing them selves as light rays shine through the leaves. So gorgeous! I am smiling and feel grateful as a tiny mouse crossed my path before me (I feel it is there to remind me of something important, i will feel into this more later). I come to a beautiful space and stop,  I close my eyes and open my heart; opening myself even more to all that beauty around me and I feel as I am become one, with this space, it feels like I am being blended into it. I feel unlimited and so peaceful. Before I even ask for a message for my highest good, I feel expanding even more. Bigger – no limits, are the words comes to mind and I take a couple of deep breaths as I let that message immerse and fulfill me. I feel oneness, I feel I would like to stay in this feeling and in this place, but something tells me: ‘move on. it doenst matter what you do or where you are. You are this, you hold this, it is within you'. I hold on to the feeling and expansiveness as I continued my path, getting more downloads as I look at the trees, the sky, feeling the muddy ground underneath my feet, the words ‘willpower comes in. Use your willpower. It is not only for the ego to use, use it, own it, tranmute it and use it for the highest good! You have so much of this! Use it wisely, with love’. I let it all come in and feel a huge shift.

Feeling so connected and expanded I continue my path and after a little while I reach an amazing open field with a little bench, I sit down, slow down my breathing again and feel the wideness of this piece of nature and the wideness within me. All of a sudden, the wind picks up and starts blowing really hard… I open myself even more and feel it is blowing right through me… I feel so free and abundant. I open my eyes and in the distance I see so many little birds flying, almost dancing in the sky and as I connect to their energy, I feel I have to bring this deep into the lowest part of my belly. I feel something shifting again and I feel the joy there, I feel the freedom there, careless and free as a little child. Bringing this high frequency energy all the way down into my body makes me so joyfull and I cant stop smiling. I just sit there for a while and just enjoy all I am experiencing, feeling these amazing energies coming in and opening myself for some beautiful and powerful  healing.

As I start the last part of my walk , I feel drawn to the energy of a beautiful giant mushroom, I have seen this beauty before, but now I could feel its energy. It felt like it was calling me. I kneeled down to get closer to it and connect to her (It felt so feminine, nurturing) I feel some kind of relieve and I started to cry so hard, I couldn't stop, like I could just let it all go, I felt so much releasing. It felt like it was making room for better, and I received another message: ‘fear does not serve you. It holds you back. Do not hold on to fear or hold on because you are afraid’. As I feel the wind is picking up again, I feel so much shifting, leaves fall down from the trees on top of me. It feels like the mushroom transmuted some of the things I was ready to let go and the wind just filled me up with new energy; confidence and self-love. Wow! So amazing.

after walking for more then an hour I reach the space where I started and I take a moment to close this beautiufl morning journey.  I stand still and let gratitude fill me up and surround me, bringing so much love and gratitude to this beautiful space and all that it holds. I can’t wait to connect to her again.

Still feeling it all as I am writing this. So amazing. Thank you, Bethan, for your beautiful and loving guidance.

Love always,

Monique Lily

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