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Monique Lily's Blog

My first blog

June, 1st 2020

Wow! I am doing it!


No more fear.. no more thinking what others might think or not think. This is about what I feel, what I want, what I know and what I love to share with you!   So I am following that inner light, my higher self and I say Yes! I say yes to all I am and all I (want to) do! 

I love sharing.. So here I am going to share my experiences, things I have been doing, planning to do, books I read and fill the world with my light, my love and make the world a lighter &  brighter place...

While I am writing this I am still working on this website. Thinking about it.. Working on it, writing about what I do and what it is I can help you with brings a smile on my face and I feel warm inside. It feels so good! I know it is good.  With every letter I am typing  I feel more confident, more excited and I feel that this is the right thing to do now..

My mind is running over with ideas.. but for now I have to keep my focus on what comes first. Getting my website finished and running and welcoming you with this first little blog. 

I hope you are as exiting as I am about this, I am so grateful you are here! Thank you. 

In future blogs I will write about my experiences, books i have read, share healing angelic cards or  share a meditation... if you have questions about something or have a subject to post? Please sent me an email!

Looking forward sharing with you! 

Did I already tell you I am excited? oh.. and curious.. 

I know it is going to be great! Perfect. just like we are and everything that is surrounds us.

I am ready to let my light shine bright! I hope you'll join me.

Monique Lily 

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