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Created with love for you from Monique Lily

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Guided Meditations

Meditating once a day,  for only 5 minutes a day will change your  whole day. To be able to just be. Just be stil. No thoughts.

Just you. You want to get more in touch with your self, change your perspective, are you dealing with fear or can't relax? It would be my pleasure to be the helping hand and get you started by simple breathing sessions, meditations and healing prayers to make feel more connected to your true Self. 

This will be a meditation created for you and your specific needs.

This includes a 30 min tune in call


€ 25,- (30 minutes) 

More info? or you want to book a session: 

+31 6 100 98 157 

Also available through WhatsApp or Facebook messsenger

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