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Beautiful testimonials about the group program.

I recommend this program to anyone who wants to find balance in life and in your own art.

Adriana, Face & body paint artist from Florida

Taking the (Inner Goddess) class series was a gift to myself.

Once a week for 7 weeks, I had an afternoon of meditation and creativity in a spiritual and inspiring group.

Even being on online, we were able to create a group connection that I looked forward to every week.

Though we each did our own kind of Art, the energy of the group was all inclusive and definitely supportive.

Monique guided us with much more than just practical information on chakras.

I felt that She honored every person in the group, regardless of their previous skills or experience with Art, meditation and chakras.

Her positivity and compassion are felt, as She is present in class and in her one-on-one sessions.

I would like to take this class again, deepening my connection with myself as a Spiritual person and Artist.

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Carolyn Woods

Massachusetts, USA

Monique's classes are simply magical! The way she uides the group through her tailored meditations and visuals is mind blowing. I've tried to meditate so many different times but always found myself feeling as if I wasn't doing it right. In her class I was able to fully immerse myself in the meditation and visualize beautiful imagery I've never seen before.

The group aspect is very comforting as there are many amazingly beautiful individuals who attend the class. You sort of become a small family within the group that leads to lasting friendships when the sessions end.

After each meditation we express ourselves artistically using any medium we prefer. I used body art to express myself and created a beautiful art piece for each chakra during my sessions.

At the time of my sessions I had lost some loved ones and coming out of the pandemic was extremely hard for me. Especially with the fears and concerns about continuing to work in the industry. Today I am free of those negative thoughts and am diving head first into my projects with a clear and confident mind. I can not wait to be a part of the next sessions as I think continual work on yourself and your chakras is extremely beneficial to your overall mental and physical well being. Thank you so much for this beautiful opportunity to enlighten and heal myself and others. Here are some of my creations from the group.

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Ahna Scione

Massachusetts, USA

My experience in Monique's sessions was beautiful and inspiring. It helped me in so many ways.

I learned to meditate, find peace and confidence with in me. Along with the understanding of the Chakras , their meanings and definitions.

The "I am" in the guiding light of God's loving and protecting Grace, and so it is .

It opened my artistic view and helped me over come the obstacles I had in the past, to create with no boundaries.

I am grateful and blessed to have been part of Monique's sessions in the group-program, and guidance. She is an amazing and beautiful person inside and out.

She is a wonderful teacher and artist . I recommend this class to anyone who wants to find balance in life and in your own art.

Thank you Monique from the bottom of my heart for your light, your energy through the teachings of your sessions.

Much Love, Adriana

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Adriana Gomez

Florida, USA

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