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Monique Lily's Blog

I love to write in my journal, my experiences, insights and messages I receive, as a memory not to forget. And I'm happy to share them with you.

A special drawing

In December, I created a very special intuitive drawing, that I wanted to write about, to share, and to inspire. But couldn't find the words at that time, so it faded into the background, and I kind of forgot about it and that's ok. It wasn't the time then. But now it is the time. I've been feeling it for the last couple of days and when I saw the post from sweet Olga, about celebrating the birthday of her now deceased son, I knew the time to share was now.

Let me take you back to last December. 

Suddenly, I felt the need to 'draw'. I aligned myself with spirit with some prayers and a short meditation, tuned in and felt the frequency of the colors and started 'scratching'. As usual, I let the colors and shapes flow across the paper without any expectation. No clear view of the result. I am just in the moment and let it energy flow. It felt intense and loving… but I know it wasn't for myself. I didn't pay too much attention to it and tuned in again back to the drawing. 

I drew another circle, put some stripes, another color, a little here and there. Suddenly, Olga was clearly present, I felt her energy and I realize I saw her on the paper; this is Olga! As I said this out loud, I got tears in my eyes and goosebumps everywhere. I mean, it was crazy, I hadn't seen Olga 'live' in about 16 years, only on FB. Olga was (or is) my sister's friend, so the contact was only when we met through her, but when we saw each other it was always a beautiful connection.


I drew for hours and felt Olga, her love and her loss. Even though the mind was trying to distract me with all kinds of questions , I did not listen to that voice, I tuned in, and continued drawing, after all, this was not about me. I am just the channel through which this energy flows; I AM the messenger. When I felt it was finished, and took a step back, I could see her journey, her love, her loved ones and yes, also little Hamza. I see that he is surrounded by beautiful energies who are nurturing him with so much love and light, and is forever connected to his family here. Olga is the radiant center and keeps everything she loves together because she is love. What an energy, what a message!

For a few days, I looked at the drawing and wanted to share it with Olga, but I had no idea if she was open to this. I messaged her via Messenger and told her that I had made an intuitive drawing and that I was thinking about her and her journey. I waited with slight curiosity for her response. And what a beautiful response she had! Very loving and positive! I have to admit, I felt a relieved. She shared with me that she recognizes this drawing, she had seen it before, and it makes here feel like home. She told me she saw it in a dream; her dream in which she wears a huge blue veil, which goes everywhere and envelops everything that is dear to her. Not only that, but she also saw a large tree and felt a deep connection with the Earth. She couldn't put it into words or explain the dream before, but now that she sees the drawing, she knows that this is what she saw in her dream. Wow.

Of course this drawing belongs to Olga and I let her know that I would like to give it to her. My sister and I decide to bring the drawing together, a great opportunity to see each other again and connect. It was such a beautiful and special experience to be able to give something you have created to someone it means so much to. I felt so much joy and love.

Every time I look at the picture of the drawing it fills my heart with love and strength and I know that everything is connected, that everything is one, that nothing goes away, not really anyway, that love always exists and connects in any way, on every level.

I am grateful for this amazing experience and for everything that flows through me into my creations, into the world to spread love and light to everyone who is open to it and to give them exactly what they need, in that time.

With love, Monique Lily 

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