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Unleash your creative flow

and experience more freedom, love and confidence in your art and life! 

New group will start September 1st

Unleash your creative flow 

Is an healing and creative 7 week journey.

An amazing online group program for creative souls -which we all are- who want to create from their heart, find their authentic self and create from flow.,  without expectations and judgements. 

I would like to tell you about a place.

A place where there is nothing jet everything. 

A place where there is stillness and wholeness.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all search for this place.

a lot of times we search for it in things outside of us, but there, it will not be found.

This place, this beautiful space, is within us. In the center of our being. 

 This space holds joy and happiness, is loving and kind.

This space is full of possibilities and opportunities.

It is without boundaries and judgement. 

When we create, when we do what we love, we unconsciously connect to this space.

 That limitless space, and feel free. 

I would like to show you this space. 

Create with you from that space, and create more love, joy and freedom in your art and life!

You are so worth it. 

Give yourself the time and attention that your creative soul needs by taking some 'me-time', doing what makes your heart happy! Taking time for yourself is very powerful and healing, It will create more peace in yourself, your life and art and therefor you will experience more freedom, love and joy, in all aspects of your life and with those around you. 

What can you expect in this 7 week journey:

  • You will be guided in learning how to connect and stay connected to this beautiful space in your heart, where your true self lives and how to stay in this energy. 
  • You will learn all about chakra's and how they influence everything in our lives. 
  •  I will be guiding you in meditations/visualization (2 times a week). 
  •  To support you, I will be sharing positive affirmations daily. 
You will be meeting, connecting and creating with people from all over the world, from the comfort of your home, in a private FB group, where you will be free to share your art and experiences and you'll be carried in love by like-minded people. A big advantage of being in a facebook group is that you can write in your own language - FB will translate it! 

What will connecting, being and creating from the heart do for you? 

  • You will be more at ease, feel free and confident in your art and in your daily life.
  • You will be more loving, towards your self, and others
  • You will recognize when you are connected to the heart and when not (so you can change it!)
  • You will find your power back and choose you! Self-love, Self care (this is not selfish! We need to love ourselves first before we can truly love another)
  • You will experience the oneness and completeness that you are. 
  • You will know that you are in charge. You always have a choice.
  • When you open your heart and make an inner decision to life from the heart. You will no longer be a victim of circumstance.
  • You will have more self-confidence.

Just let go! Let go and let your inner creative flow show you the way... it is unending, limitless, without restrictions, everything is possible! 

This journey is all about you and creating your heARTs desire! 

  It is not about what you create, but the state you are in when you create.  It is a Self loving journey! 

It is about letting go and trusting, following your inner voice, and allow more confidence, freedom, love, joy and happiness in your life!


These were created in previous programs, as you can see you can use any medium that you like! you decide, you are in controle, it is your journey! 

Choose more you, more freedom, more love with this amazing group program

and make it more personal with some precious 1:1 time as extra options. 

Unleash your Creative Flow




​When you book the unleash program and join the year membership 

before August, 18th you will receive an amazing discount of 212 euros! 



in stead of 656

7 x  

- weekly  healing meditation/visualization 

(every week a different chakra). to do in your own time and pace! 

Daily affirmations to keep you in flow

Privite facebook group where you can find info, share and inspire! 

Intuitive group healing. You wil receive what you need at this time.

- Digital hand outs of the prayers we do.

- Digital hand-outs to help you create your own daily practice.

weekly extra meditation to do with your piece of Art after the session

With the program, you can book an extra 1:1 session for  more personal guidance and coaching


this is for 1,5 hours

Or make it extra personal and dive deeper, with this option to add to the program 

3 times a 1:1 session


extra 3 times 1,5hrs 1:1 sessions, to support, coach you or to help your with finding your creative flow (technique class) 

 Your time, your choice! 

*all prices are in Euro's

Start your journey now and receive these bonuses during the program:

  • a free 7 weekly chakra-crystal class from a experienced Crystal healer. (value 99)
  • My beautiful  'Color Ray Frequency' Card deck (valued 33 plus postal) 
  • 7 additional video's to learn all about the Chakra's 

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