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Services: Energetic Art

Energetic Art 

 Art created while being in contact with my higher Self mostly in mediative state, expressing what comes from deeply within. These paintings are created bases on a feeling, a situation, a message I receive or something that needs to be healed at this particular time. Always created with love and passion and filled with lots of light energy:

So very powerfull. There is a lot of energy in these. It sometimes takes days or weeks to finish one. You can just feel the energy from them.

Please visit the gallery to find these beautiful paintings.

If you would like a customized one... please contact me.

<img src="energeticartcontrol.png" alt="Acrylic on canvas Energetic healing art full of love and light energy made for beautiful spiritual room this energetic art is full of  beautiful love and  light energy">

Energetic Art

Made with love for a beautiful friend

Intuitive art

Together we are one!

A custom-made painting for you and.... your lover, best friend, sister... or what ever you like. 

Aligning with your energy you are holding, I will create one painting in two or three pieces. For each person a painting. 

Loving this concept so much. ALSO AVAILIBLE WITH A HEALING message met for more info.

<img src="energeticarthearts.png" alt="energetic healing art embrace all you are you are love light one with god abstract art ">

'Embrace all you are'

70x100cm € 633,-

Costumized Intuitive Painting

Would you like to have a beautiful energetic painting made especially for you or your family? Contact Monique. She will create something matching your home, family, or based on your (family's) energy.

Prices are excluding postal costs.

More info? or you want to book a session: 

+31 6 100 98 157 

Also available through WhatsApp or Facebook messsenger

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